Comments :

During my life, I had the opportunity to visit a lot of places all over the world. Some of the most fascinating cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, New York and Singapore, as well as the most intersting airports, such as Hong Kong Kai Tak with the final approach over the entire city and London Heathrow, will always be in my mind.

The most fascinating event I have ever participated in still remains the Supersonic Loop with a Concorde of Air France in November 2002. Thanks to the sponsoring of my mother, I had the chance to travel to Paris for a weekend and fly on a Concorde for 1 hour and 30 mins. We reached a max. speed of Mach 2,03 at an altitude of 17,300 m. The view from that altitude and the "noise" were simply unique... 

International flights :
April 1990 Kapstadt / Johannesburg FRA JNB CPT FRA
Sept. 1992 Zypern DUS LCA DUS
April 1993 London / Glasgow DUS LHR GLA DUS
June 1993 Paris DUS CDG DUS
Aug. 1993 Seattle FRA CVG SEA FRA
July 1994 London   STR LHR DUS
April 1995 London DUS LHR DUS
Feb. 1996 Rom DUS FCO DUS
March 1996 London DUS STN DUS
July 1996 Kalamata DUS KLX DUS
Jan. 1997 Hong Kong AMS HKG AMS
April 1997 London DUS STN DUS
May 1997 Venedig DUS VCE DUS
July 1997 Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro AMS GIG GRU AMS
Dec. 1997 Hong Kong FRA HKG FRA
May 1998 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Aug. 1998 Salzburg DUS SZG DUS
Feb. 1999 Varadero DUS VRA DUS
April 1999 London / Glasgow DUS LHR GLA DUS
Aug. 1999 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Jan. 2000 Salzburg DUS SZG DUS
March 2000 New York DUS EWR DUS
April 2000 Nizza DUS MUC NCE DUS
May 2000 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
June 2000 London DUS LHR DUS
Sept. 2000 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Oct. 2000 London FRA LHR FRA
Dec. 2000 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Jan. 2001 New York DUS EWR DUS
July 2001 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Aug. 2001 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Jan. 2002 Singapur FRA SIN FRA
Jan. 2002 London / Glasgow DUS LHR GLA DUS
April 2002 London  LHR FRA LHR
May 2002 London FRA DUS FRA
June 2002 London LHR DUS LHR
July 2002 London LHR DUS LHR
July 2002 Palma de Mallorca STN PMI DUS LHR
Aug. 2002 London LHR DUS LHR
Sept. 2002 London LHR FRA LHR
Oct. 2002 London LHR FRA DUS LHR
Nov. 2002 London LHR DUS LHR
Nov. 2002 Paris LHR CDG LHR
Nov. 2002 Amsterdam LHR AMS LHR
Nov. 2002 Zürich LHR ZRH LHR
Jan. 2003 Paris AMS CDG AMS
Jan. 2003 London LHR DUS LHR
Feb. 2003 London LHR DUS LHR
March 2003 London   LHR DUS LHR  
April 2003 London   LHR DUS LHR  
May 2003 Palma de Mallorca   DUS PMI DUS  
June 2003 London DUS LHR DUS
July 2003 Palma de Mallorca DUS PMI DUS
Oct. 2003 Prag STR PRG STR
Nov. 2003 Moskau DUS CPH SVO FRA
Dec. 2003 Teneriffa DUS MAD TFN DUS
Feb. 2004 Teneriffa DUS TFS DUS
March 2004 Istanbul EIN IST EIN
May 2004 Ibiza DUS IBZ DUS
June 2004 Palma de Mallorca STR PMI STR
July 2004 London STR BRU LHR STR
August 2004 Prag FRA PRG FRA
August 2004 Paris STR CDG FRA STR
Oct. 2004 Amsterdam FRA AMS FRA STR
Oct. 2004 Paris AMS CDG AMS
Oct. 2004 Zürich DUS ZRH DUS
Dec. 2004 Teneriffa STR FUE TFS STR
Dec. 2004 Gran Canaria TFS LPA TFS
Feb. 2005 New York FRA LHR JFK FRA
May 2005 Wien STR MUC VIE STR
May 2005 Berlin VIE SXF VIE
June 2005 Palma de Mallorca STR PMI STR
July 2005 London STR LHR STR
July 2005 Palma de Mallorca STR BCN PMI STR
Aug. 2005 Moskau CGN VKO CGN
Aug. 2005 Palma de Mallorca STR PMI DUS STR
March 2006 Zürich   DUS ZRH DUS  
April 2006 Skadinavien   AMS GOT OSL DUS
May 2006 Malaga   DUS AGP DUS  
May 2006 Leeds   DUS LBA DUS  
June 2006 London   DUS LHR DUS  
July 2006 London   DUS LHR DUS  
Aug. 2006 Salzburg   DUS SZG DUS  
Sept. 2006 Madrid   DUS MAD DUS  
Sept. 2006 Wien   CGN VIE CGN  
Nov. 2006 Tehran   CGN THR FRA  
Dec. 2006 Zürich   DUS ZRH DUS  
Jan. 2007 Zürich   DUS ZRH DUS  
March 2007 New York / Las Vegas   HAM JFK LAS  
May 2007 Manchester   DUS MAN DUS  
June 2007 Palma de Mallorca   DUS PMI DUS  
June 2007 Madrid   DUS MAD DUS  
July 2007 Dubai   HHN DXB ZRH DUS
August 2007 Palma de Mallorca   NRN PMI NRN  
August 2007 Minsk   FRA MSQ HAJ  
September 2007 Toledo   HHN TOL ORD DUS
January 2008 Zurich   DUS ZRH DUS  
April 2008 Zurich   ZRH DUS    
May 2008 Manchester   DUS LBA MAN DUS
June 2008 London   DUS LHR DUS  
June 2008 Chicago / Cincinnati / Miami   DUS ORD MIA FRA
August 2008 Palma de Mallorca   DUS PMI DUS  
November 2008 Paris   DUS CDG DUS  
March 2009 Miami / Cincinnati / Chicago   DUS ZRH MIA CVG
April 2009 Moldova   FRA KIV FRA  
April 2009 Zurich   ZRH DUS    
August 2009 Toulouse   DUS MUC TLS DUS
August 2009 Abu Dhabi   TLS AUH TLS  
Sept. 2009 Antalya   DUS AYT DUS  
Sept. 2009 Milano   DUS MXP DUS  
October 2009 Toronto   DUS FRA YYZ FRA
October 2009 Wroclaw   DUS WRO FRA DUS
November 2009 Dubai   DUS DXB MUC DUS
Dezember 2009 New York   DUS CDG JFK DUS
February 2010 Los Angeles   DUS ZRH LAX DUS
April 2010 Zurich   ZRH DUS    
April 2010 Kiev   DUS KBP DUS  
May 2010 London   DUS STN DUS  
June 2010 Paris   DUS CDG DUS  
June 2010 London   CDG LHR CDG  
July 2010 Faro   DUS MUC LIS FAO
September 2010 Milan   DUS MXP DUS  
September 2010 Copenhagen   DUS CPH DUS  
September 2010 London   CPH LHR CPH  
October 2010 Palma de Mallorca   DUS PMI DUS  
December 2010 Dubai / Sharjah   DUS MUC DXB  
March 2011 Geneva   DUS MUC GVA DUS
May 2011 Florenz (Firenze)   DUS ZRH FLR DUS


It has always been my intention to ride on different airlines and types as much as possible. During the last years I have managed to fly on some exotic aircraft and carriers such as Saha Air B707 in Iran, Transavia Export Ilyushin 76 in Belarus, ATI Air Transport International DC8 as well as Antonov Airlines (former Antonov Design Bureau) Antonov 124.


Aircraft types :
British Aerospace ATP British Airways
British Aerospace 1-11 British Airways
British Aerospace BAe LH, Buzz, Air UK, Eurowings, Air Berlin, LX
Canadair Regio Jet Lufthansa, Tyrolean, Eurowings, DL Connect,
ATR42/72 EW, Cityflyer Express, CSA, Contact Air, 
Binter Canarias, Air Dolomiti, Eurolot
Dash 8 Tyrolean
Dornier 228 LGW
Embraer 135 Swiss, Fly Be
Embraer 145 American Eagle
Fokker 50 LH, Contact Air, Rio Sul
Fokker 100 Deutsche BA, Air UK, GeXX, Austrian
Boeing 707 Saha Air
Boeing 717 Spanair / AeBal
Boeing 727 Syrian Air, Iran Air
Boeing 737 LH, BD, AF, AB, DI, ST, BA, Go, Easyjet,
Rio Sul, Fly Air, Titan, Ryanair, Fly Me,
Norwegian, Jet2, Belavia, SunExpress
Boeing 747 LH, KLM, CX, Air Namibia, SQ, IB,
Air Plus Comet, Air Pullmantur, Iran Air,
EK Sky Cargo (Atlas Air)
Boeing 757 Condor, BA, Delta Airlines, LTU, Song
Boeing 767 LTU, British Airways, Continental
Boeing 777 Singapore Airlines, Varig, Saudia
United  Airlines, Emirates
Airbus 300 LH, Iran Air
Airbus 310 LH, Iran Air
Airbus 318 AF
Airbus 319 LH, BA, Germanwings, Swiss, AF, AB, TP
Airbus 320 LH, BA, LTU, Condor, BD, Austrian, IB
Air Moldova, AF
Airbus 321 LH, BD, Swiss, LTU, SAS, AB
Airbus 330 LTU, Swiss, Novair, Emirates
Airbus 340 LH, Iberia, Swiss
Airbus 380 Air France
Douglas MD80 Aero Lloyd, SAS, Iberia, Delta
Douglas DC8 ATI Air Transport International
Douglas DC9 Northwest
Douglas DC10 Condor, Continental
Douglas MD11 Varig, Swiss
Lockheed Tristar LTU, Delta Airlines
Concorde Air France
Let 410 Skydance
Antonov 24 Air Urga
Antonov 124 Antonov Design Bureau
Tupolev 134 Belavia, Polet
Tupolev 154 Hemus Air, Tajik Air, Iran Air Tours
Tupolev 204 KMV
Yakovlev 40 Aero Charter
Yakovlev 42 Dnjiproavia
Ilyushin 18 Grixona / Tandem Aero
Ilyushin 76 Transavia Export
Ilyushin 86 Sibir


Panorama flights :
Transavia Export Ilyushin 76 from MSQ
KMV Tupolev 204 from MUC
Tajik Air Tupolev 154 from MUC
Belavia Tupolev 134 from PRG
Hemus Air Tupolev 154 from CGN
Dnijproavia Yakovlev 42 from FRA
Air France Concorde from CDG
LTU Airbus 330 from PAD
Air Berlin BAe 146 from MGL
South African Douglas DC 4 from SXF
Albatros Antonov AN 2 from ESS
Iran Air Boeing 747 SP from CGN
Iran Air Boeing 747-100 from CGN
Swiss Douglas MD11 from ZRH
Syrian Air Boeing 727 from SXF
Air Urga Antonov 24 from IEV
Skydance Let 410 from IEV
Aero Charter Yakovlev 40 from IEV