My active career as plane spotter started approx. in 1993 and I still remember the good old aeras of aviation with Boeing 707, DC8

and L1011 to be photographed on airports all around Europe in regular services...

After starting with a Fuji Camera in pocket format, I pretty soon started to use the Canon AE-1 Program of my father. During the

following years, my collection has grown to approx. 25.000 slides and I still have most of them with me.... You can find some of them

as scans on my homepage in the foto section.

End of 2005, I entered the digital age... Although I could not believe before, this has very much enhanced the quality of pictures - even

though it has almost nothing to do with the classic way of photography anymore..


  My current equipment :    
  Canon Eos 40 D   Body
  Canon Eos 350 D   Back Up
  Canon 70 - 300 mm IS Ultrasonic   Lens
  Canon 17 - 85 mm IS Ultrasonic   Lens
  Canon 75 - 300 mm   Back Up
  Canon 20 - 80 mm   Back Up